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Physiotherapist in Guntur

Dr. Disha Momaya (Clinical Physiotherapy)
Dr. Disha Momaya
M.Sc (Clinical Physiotherapy)
Dr. Vara Lakshmi (Physiotherapy)
Dr. Vara Lakshmi
BPT (Physiotherapy)

At Kanumuri, we have a team of well-trained physiotherapists providing evidence-based comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation comprising various components like patient education, general exercise training, breathing exercises, and psychological support for patients with chronic lung diseases. The programme helps in reducing the symptoms & enhancing the functional status of the patient thus improving the quality of life.

We also provide physiotherapy for various ortho conditions like post-op management of various fractures, joint replacements, and other forms of trauma along with tailor-made exercise regimens for various neurological disorders like stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury, etc.