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Visiting Consultants


Dr. Y. Subba Rayudu --- MS (ENT, Head and Neck Surgery)

Dr. G. Nandakishore --- MS (ENT, Head and Neck Surgery)

Cardiology :

Dr.B.V.Narayana Reddy --- M.D., D.M., (Cardiology)

Dr.Ashok Kumar Redrouthu --- MD(General Medicine) DM (Cardilogy)


Dr.G.Sivarama Krishna --- M.D.,D.M.,(Nephrology)

Medical Oncology

Dr.C.S.Ranjit Kumar --- M.D.,D.M.,(Medical Oncology)

Neuro Surgery

Dr.D.Seshadri Sekhar --- MS, M.Ch, (Neuro Surgeon)


Dr. G.Chandana --- M.D., (General Medicine) D.M., (Neurology)

Facio Maxillary Surgery

Dr. Meka Sridhar --- M.D.S.(Facio Maxillary Surgery)

Thoracic Surgery

Dr. K.Venkata Vijay --- M.s.,M.ch.,(CT Surgery)

Medical Gastroenterology

Dr. N.Srinivas --- M.D., (General Medicine) D.M., (Med. Gastro)


Dr. O.Subba Reddy --- MS, M.Ch (Urology)

Plastic Surgery

Dr. P.Nagarjuna Rao --- M.S., M.Ch.,(Plastic Surgeon)


Dr.Y.Sanjay --- M.D.(Psychiatry)

General Medicine

Dr. Rajyalakshmi Neelam --- MD (General Medicine)