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About us

Kanumuri Hospitals

Kanumuri hospitals were started at guntur by Dr. Kanumuri Srinivasa Rao and his colleagues on 12th June 2011. It is a 100 bedded hospital providing advanced care in pulmonology, general medicine, critical care, obstetrics & gynecology, general & laparoscopic surgery, orthopedics, trauma, arthroscopy & joint replacement. We provide round-the-clock emergency & critical care services. The hospital has an advanced multi-disciplinary critical care unit which is managed by experienced intensivists. At Kanumuri, we are always at the forefront to update our skills & technology. We have the credit of performing various thoracoscopic procedures, for varied pleural disorders for the first time in navyandhra pradesh. Ours is the only hospital in the Andhra Pradesh state to have narrow band imaging (NBI) bronchoscopy and thoracoscopy. Recently we got the most advanced innovation in pulmonary medicine i.e. E-BUS (endo bronchial ultrasound) both radial & linear. We have a comprehensive lung care unit managed round the clock by experienced pulmonologists, intensivists, and respiratory physiotherapists. We also have a lung cancer screening program for early detection of lung cancer.

Our team of experienced obstetrics & gynecology consultants provides round-the-clock care for high-risk pregnancies and all gynecological emergencies. The OBG department is supported by the anesthesiology and critical care team round the clock. They also provide painless delivery services (epidural analgesia).

The hospital has modern operating rooms with laminar flow which are well-designed for surgeries like joint replacement, neurosurgery, and spine surgery. The hospital is also equipped with NBI laparoscopy which is very useful for various keyhole surgeries.

At Kanumuri hospitals, everyone is very much committed to the safety & comfort of the patients & does everything that facilitates the fast recovery of the patients both physically & mentally. The hospital is very much recognized by the community for maintaining the utmost cleanliness.

At Kanumuri we strongly believe........ "Health care is a Team work."

Our Vision

To create a medical facility that provides skilled, compassionate, and affordable health care to people from all walks of life.

Our Mission

We strive to enhance the healthcare experience of all people in our locality by providing safe, ethical, and affordable care by experienced medical professionals.

At Kanumuri Hospitals we aim to :

Make our patients and their families feel comfortable during the course of treatment.

Compassionately treat all our patients without disparity.

Provide evidence based and protocol driven medical care during all stages of illness (prevention, diagnosis and treatment).

Promote healthy lifestyle among our community by conducting various comprehensive health awareness programs.

Build a work environment where every team member can reach their maximum potential and create a work space where everyone is valued, respected and treated equality.

Our Values

At Kanumuri hospitals, patient safety and comfort are the most important things. Our commitment to maintaining quality standards and promoting a healthy way of life is steadfast. We are committed to ensuring that each one of our patients lives a healthy life. We all strive to maintain globally accepted standards at our hospital and every patient gets the best possible care.