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Dr. Kanumuri Srinivasa Rao (Pulmonology & Critical Care)
Dr. Kanumuri Srinivasa Rao
MD, DLO., IDCC (Pulmonology & Critical care)
Dr. Kanumuri Swetha (Pulmonology)
Dr. Kanumuri Swetha

Kanumuri Hospital is one of the very few hospitals in South India which have an advanced pulmonology department. The department is managed by a team of well-trained pulmonologists under the leadership of Dr. Kanumuri srinivasa rao.

Dr. Kanumuri is well known for his vast experience in various pulmonary interventions particularly endobronchial ultrasound, endobronchial cryo applications, rigid bronchoscopic procedures & thoracoscopy. He is the regular faculty for various interventional pulmonology workshops.

The department is equipped with state of art interventional pulmonology suite Both diagnostic & therapeutic, Adult & Pediatric.

The department is equipped with modern narrow-band imaging(NBI) bronchoscopy & endobronchial ultrasound, Both linear & radial.

NBI bronchoscopy & E-BUS are very useful in the early detection of lung cancer and mediastinal mass lesions.

The department provides comprehensive lung care round the clock.The spectrum of services include.....

Breathe Easy Clinic

Pneumonia Clinic

ILD Clinic

Asthma & Allergy Clinic

Acute Respiratory Care

Paediatric Pulmonology

Interventional Pulmonology (Both Adult & Paediatric)

  • Bronchoscopy-NBI
    • Flexible & Rigid
  • Thoracoscopy
    • Semi Rigid & Rigid(NBI)
  • Endobronchial Ultrasound [E-Bus]
    • Linear & Radial
  • Endobronchial Interventions : Endobronchial Cryo, Electrocautery, APC, Tumor Debulking & Airway Stenting
  • Transbronchial Cryo Lung Biopsy for Diffuse Lung disease like ILD

Lung Cancer Screening

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Patient Education Programme

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